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We're here to make better collaboration possible.

We are a passionate team. We collaborate across continents. And we believe that collaboration today can use a reboot. There have been a lot of changes in the past ten years since the days of Outlook through to Office 365, Gmail and the rise of today’s messaging apps such as Slack or HipChat, but the core issue of interconnectivity has somehow become lost along the path of user experience distractions. Distractions which we think do not help with the overall clutter that surrounds users today. Riot has a solution to clean things up.

Progress requires a common language.

Riot is built on top of the Matrix open standard. Matrix.org believes, and so do we, that today’s real-time communication over the Internet is divisive and dysfunctional and that users shouldn’t have to switch between apps they don’t like to talk to different people with.

Riot bridges its users and chat rooms to any Matrix-bridged apps, like IRC and Slack, and any Matrix-compliant clients. It leverages all Matrix integrations. Because we’ve taken what we believe is the path to sustainability and fastest growth, Riot is an entry point to a global, and fully open, ecosystem.

Information ownership is a right.

We stand behind the idea that all of us should have the right to control our online data and that sharing this data is a choice. We will not contribute to the ever growing belief that simply because something is free that by default you should give up your right to privacy.

As popular social networks have become an entry point for our daily lives and activities, their tendency to strip us of these privacies without due notice has created a sort of privacy-fatigue. Thanks to its decentralized architecture inherited from Matrix, and its support for end-to-end encryption Riot strives to remove this concern and make privacy second-nature.

You are in control.

Riot is open source, because we believe that open source software allows for faster innovation, greater flexibility and control for those willing to audit, extend code and contribute to the overall community. The code is available for anyone to see, use and prod, comment on or contribute to. Anyone can easily run a customised Riot implementation in their company today.

Good teams communicate. Great teams collaborate.

The goal of a collaboration app is to bring people together as a functioning team. That means communication and information sharing.

Because today’s collaboration tools are fragmented and disconnected, effective team collaboration is either impossible or clunky at best. If I am a team leader in a creative agency using Slack but my customer is using HipChat, we need to adopt or drop one of these tools. If I run a DevOps team with my client and they use Lync while we use Spark we have the same problem. The underlying Matrix standard links all these teams together but also gives users access to any community bridged into it, independently from the client they use (Riot, Slack, IRC or any other) or the teams they’re part of.

It is also the ability to share publicly which makes Matrix an ecosystem. Anyone has now access to experts in open rooms dedicated to a given subject (want to talk IPFS? Or know more about Riot?), or a given event (live the Decentralized Web Summit as if you were there!).

Riot also provides teams with an environment where information comes first. Increasingly more teams are distributed either geographically or across different companies, making effective sharing critical to success. Teams must be able to securely distribute, and critically find, content (chat messages, photos, confidential documents, voice and video calls) with whomever they need in a seamless way. The ability to access archives has become an indispensable tool.

Riot makes teamwork through interconnectivity and access a reality. And this elevates collaboration to a completely new level, empowering any team to run the extra mile.

A builder needs tools.

We believe that rich messaging environments are where businesses are operating today. They integrate a team’s day-to-day productivity tools deeply into their communication.

Riot isn’t just a messaging app, it’s a portfolio of everything that a user needs to get the job done, built upon the richness of the Matrix ecosystem.

We believe that less is more.

Being power users of online collaboration, we believe that people deserve the right to use collaboration tools which actually help them remain focused and efficient, rather than drowning them in notifications and information. We mean tools that truly make it easier to tune out and back in, to allow someone to find important data instantly and to help them make better use of their time online.

We want to change the way people collaborate.

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