More than group chat: communication

  • Communicate with your team and out of network colleagues more efficiently: use dedicated rooms which persist information from their creation and forever.
  • Forget group emails: join or create rooms per topic, per team, per event… Decide the level of transparency you want to provide across the organisation or project.
  • Cut through the noise by creating notifications that are customised by you and for you.
  • Grab the attention of your colleague by calling out their name and don’t miss a thing with keyword alerts.
  • Deploy bots for fun or practical use with our integrations store.

Share Files

  • Send, receive and view files while inline with the conversation.
  • Quick drag-and-drop feature for fast sharing.
  • Preview before download or just view on Riot.
  • Files are archived, like the messages: find them in the file list panel of a room, or by searching by filename.

Voice & Video Conferencing

  • One touch voice and video conferencing.
  • Hold one-to-one conversations or a group of users, there is really no limit.
  • Join or drop ongoing group calls in a room without needing an invite or disturbing it.

Take control – Intelligent Notifications

  • Increase your productivity by customizing your notifications to suit your priorities with easy-to-access notification settings.
  • Set keywords to prompt a specific notification to stay on top of projects.

Integrating Tools

  • It can be hard for a team to be effective without tools: pick up what you need from our ready-to-use list of bots integrating with the likes of Github and others.
  • Or create your own integrations to help your team work more efficiently! Others will do too and everyone benefits from being part of an open ecosystem.

Bridging the gap

  • Use Riot to communicate not only with your colleagues or teams using Riot, but also with contributors using other communication apps.
  • Bridge the gap between open systems including the likes of Slack, Gitter, IRC, Twitter, SMS and more, while using the app you prefer.

Riot is everywhere you are


We are Open Source

  • Riot is open source (Apache-licensed) which means that anyone can audit it & contribute new features, translations, fix bugs and help Riot grow!
  • You can also host your own server for complete control, or just use ours.
  • If we don’t have the integration you’re looking for, just build it, contribute it to the community and watch what happens.
  • See the code here on GitHub.

Security: What is yours is yours

  • All files and data transferred over Riot can be encrypted end-to-end (currently in beta), meaning no one can eavesdrop on conversations, including the service provider.
  • Choose to host your data yourself or on our own secure servers.
  • All rooms and conversations can be configured with different levels of confidentiality: public to anyone, limited to a team or fully private and invite-only.
  • For more information on our security, please click here.